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Zenreach, the industry leader in WiFi-powered marketing technology for brick-and-mortar businesses, has announced that it is changing its name to Adentro, a Spanish word meaning "from within." The name change more accurately reflects the company's unique value proposition as a technology that enables in-store customer insights and marketing actionability for brick-and-mortar stores.    

"The transition to Adentro signals a new chapter in our company history and more accurately represents our vision to support restaurants and retailers by closing the gap between digital and physical storefronts," said John Kelly, Chief Executive Officer at Adentro. "We know there's nothing out there that speaks to the physical store level quite like we do and that's what we really wanted to convey with the new name."

The new name is effective immediately, and the former name will be officially retired.

Adentro will still use proprietary technology to measure Walk-Through Rate™, which is a metric that indicates when someone walks into a physical location after seeing a marketing message online. That same technology allows Adentro users to more precisely track customer visit behavior, segment their marketing efforts by customer type, and measure the holistic impact of their online marketing.

Adentro will also continue to publish the National Customer Foot Traffic Report, which monitors customer foot traffic to physical businesses in the wake of the pandemic.

About Adentro
Adentro is a WiFi-powered marketing solution for brick-and-mortar businesses that connects the in-store customer experience to online marketing efforts. The solution was created to help businesses with physical locations dramatically improve customer acquisition and lifetime value by tracking customer visits, effortlessly building rich customer profiles, and automatically keeping them up to date. All marketing through the Adentro platform is measured with our proprietary Walk-Through Rate™, a metric that shows when someone exposed to a marketing message visits a location. Founded in 2012, Adentro serves thousands of independent merchants and leading brands like Ruth's Chris Steak House, Bowlero Corp, and Peet's Coffee.

Source: Adentro

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