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Xoxoday announces its acquihire of the Planetworx Technologies start-up team, comprising Girish Vishwanath CRanganathan SrinivasanAmarnath Bapu, and Amit Mitra. Planetworx Technologies, incorporated in 2016, graduated from select industry accelerator programs like Airbus's Bizlab program, CISCO Launchpad, and Pitney Bowes. Its audience intelligence platform Trapyz provides brands and marketers with AI-driven insights to understand real-world consumer journeys better and has some marquee clients in the Media and Consumer space.

In the current Fintech space, Xoxoday is at the heart of the action by providing branded currency payments that enable software businesses to unlock new verticals and increase the total addressable markets. Martech is one such vertical. Xoxoday has been one of the forerunners in offering cutting-edge people-centric products in the realm of employee and consumer rewards, incentives, payouts, and benefits.

In recent times, Xoxoday has been solidifying its position through partnerships with software products like Disperz, Smartup, and Suitable.io. With this acquihire, Xoxoday plans to use the experience of the Planetworx team to enhance its existing technology infrastructure that enables marketers to run contextual yet scalable rewards and payout campaigns.

The Planetworx team comes with a unique combination of two mindsets that complement the new era of enterprise Go-to-Market. Ranganathan is a big believer in DIY product-led growth and believes that the complexity of the traditional sales cycle collapses into a single decision-maker: the end-user. On the other hand, Girish has experience in successfully layering sales on top of strong product-led growth to capture the total value on the table.

Manoj Agarwal, Co-founder, Xoxoday, comments:

"The founding team of Planetworx has a great working equation that is very hard to find. We are excited that we are bringing in such experience and talent to Xoxoday. This has been the shortest time taken to align at the purpose level. I can only see scale upwards and onwards from here."

About Xoxoday

Xoxoday is a rapidly growing fintech firm offering a suite of products for B2B organizations focused on rewards, incentives, benefits, and payouts for their entire stakeholder ecosystem.

Xoxoday works with many Fortune 500 companies and has over 1000 clients. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Xoxoday has five global offices and a 250-member strong team.

Source: Xoxoday

By Jordan Mathews