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VizSense, a leading influencer MarTech agency, celebrates its 10th anniversary with a transformative rebrand. Under the guidance of newly appointed marketing executive Kristen Standish, this milestone is a testament to a decade of growth. The rebrand reflects VizSense's journey from its inception to its current position as a leader in the MarTech industry.

"We're full-service, offering attribution, research, experiential marketing, and PR," said Standish. "We aim to be thought leaders in MarTech innovation."

The rebrand includes a fresh visual identity with a new logo, color palette, and slogan showcased on their revamped website. The site highlights their Fortune 100 portfolio, client testimonials, and case studies, emphasizing their credibility and experience. Central to the new site is their proprietary AI technology, optimizing influencer selection, campaign targeting, and real-time engagement analysis for precise and efficient campaigns.

VizSense sets itself apart with its end-to-end service, exemplified by the VizSense Platform, an internally designed client dashboard formerly known as Bloom. The platform now boasts enhanced user experience features, including improved loading speeds, reporting, export options, and a curated campaign audience feature, allowing clients to view influencers fitting their target demographics. The redesigned platform also facilitates viewing individual influencer content and includes an enhanced help center.

In addition to cosmetic changes, the rebrand includes new offerings and capabilities. In April, Sandra Guadagnoli was named Vice President of Insights & Innovation to strengthen research and campaign efforts. VizSense offers earned media initiatives, sales data analysis, brand lift and purchasing behavior studies, and bespoke event conceptualization, planning, and execution. With their tenth anniversary, VizSense continues to lead the industry with innovative campaigns and a data-driven approach, expanding into a full-service agency equipped to meet a broader range of client needs, driving continued impact for brands.

About VizSense
Founded by Dr. Jon Iadonisi, VizSense revolutionizes the influencer marketing landscape using advanced technology and social science. As a full-service MarTech agency, VizSense leverages cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies to deliver exceptional marketing solutions. Their proprietary AI-driven platform optimizes influencer selection, refines campaign targeting, and provides real-time analytics, ensuring precision and efficiency in every campaign. With a strong portfolio of successful campaigns and a commitment to excellence, VizSense continues to set industry standards and drive meaningful results for its clients.

Source: VizSense

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