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Tastewise, the leading end-to-end GenAI platform for modern food and beverage brands, has just launched its highly anticipated 2024 Trend Report.

Leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence, Tastewise provides a sneak peek into what billions of consumers will have on their plates for the upcoming year, offering invaluable insights for businesses seeking to stay ahead in the dynamic world of food and beverage.

One of the most significant trends we found was the profound effect AI is set to have on food and beverage marketing in 2024. AI's dominance in 2024's marketing landscape takes center stage, reshaping marketing strategies across the industry.

"The emergence of generative AI offers a new reality to meet the urgent demands of our market.  More than 30% of the workforce already uses AI in the workplace; this technological advancement is already  revolutionizing how we operate and create within the food and beverage industry, and continues to offer massive potential." Alon Chen, Tastewise's CEO

2024 Food Trends: What's Cookin' – hottest predictions from the 2024 report

  • Consumers seek it all—health, indulgence, and savings. A surprising disruptor? heart, kidney, liver, and tongue.
  • Bedtime snacks are here: consumers seek new ways to satisfy late-night cravings
  • The "Taylor Swift" effect: Digital and pop culture redefine food communities
  • Guajillo Pepper: the hottest of the hottest trends for 2024
  • Consumer sophistication continues, and tabus are out Hormone health and menopause are fueling social discussions
  • cultural shift in weight management: medications, like Ozempic, are being incorporated into consumers' weight loss journeys
  • And more…

To comprehensively explore these predictions shaping the food and beverage industry, we invite industry professionals, culinary enthusiasts, AI pioneers, and media representatives to delve into the full report.

Tastewise's 2023 Predictions: A Look Back Before We Leap Forward

As we delve into the future with the 2024 Trend Report, it's worth acknowledging Tastewise's accurate predictions from 2023.

We accurately predicted several significant trends that hit the food and beverage industry in 2023, including a huge increase in interest for fusion flavors and desserts interest as well as the growing popularity of Latin American beverages, authentic non-alcoholic options like Aguas frescas, and redefined energy drinks.

These were only a few of our correct predictions, but you can find our full breakdown in our 2024 report. For 2024 our information is even more accurate, due to our continuously growing and improved AI engine.

About Tastewise

Tastewise is the end-to-end GenAI platform for modern food & beverage brands. Driven by food-specific data & deep expertise with Gen-AI, Tastewise's MarTech solutions bring 6 years of real-time food data collection and bespoke AI models to global food brands like PepsiCo, Kraft Heinz, Nestle, Mars, Givaudan, and many more.

Tastewise is the only platform providing all-in-one decision-making and workflow solutions for food and beverage, enabling teams to move quickly and scale from inception to campaign execution. With the freshest data in a constantly changing industry, Tastewise's AI platform transforms food marketing from archaic to fast, inexpensive, and agile. The result? A resilient food and beverage industry deeply aligned with consumers.

Source: Tastewise

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