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ThinkNow, a leading market research company specializing in the U.S. Hispanic and multicultural markets, has announced the launch of its proprietary panel management software, ThinkNow Base. The company's decision to act stems from its effort to combat fraud in the industry, enhance the quality of data delivered to clients, and better serve panelists.

ThinkNow, as a pioneer in the U.S. Hispanic online panel industry, takes great pride in its commitment to data integrity. In-house panel management through ThinkNow Base enables the company greater control over panelists' activities thus maintaining the accuracy and reliability of data. Moreover, ThinkNow can now offer customized incentives, increase phone call engagements, and expand recruitment streams, which will benefit panelists.

Mario Carrasco, Co-Founder and Principal at ThinkNow, expressed enthusiasm for the company's current state, sharing, "ThinkNow is at an exciting juncture. We've developed ThinkNow Base and other MarTech solutions from scratch to enhance the services we provide to our clients and now, our panelists with the introduction of ThinkNow Base. This marks a significant milestone in our unwavering pursuit of innovation and excellence."

"ThinkNow Base is a much-needed solution for a persistent industry problem," says Jonathan Saquicili, Product Manager. "I'm grateful to my development team for creating this innovative solution in record time. I am confident our panelists and clients will react positively to the launch."

About ThinkNow:

ThinkNow is a full-service, cross-cultural research technology company providing insight solutions to help organizations thrive in the culturally evolving and dynamically shifting demographics of the U.S. consumer market. The firm also owns and operates one of the largest and most representative Hispanic online panels in the industry, DigaYGane.com, which provides sample to leading market research companies around the world. 

Source: ThinkNow

By Jordan Mathews