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Some of the most well-known brands in the world have been working with Softcrylic for years. Softcrylic brings the combination of strategic insights with engineering power to Make Data Work™. Our Practices address all facets of the data journey from data collection, validation, integration, implementation, measurement, modeling, and activation. Our Practices are spread across our two divisions of Engineering and Data & Analytics.

We are happy to announce the formation of a new Practice, The Solution Architecture Group, sitting directly between our two divisions. Our individual practices have successfully collaborated with one another, but the Solution Architecture Group carves out a mission of defining a direction through strategy and deliverables through engineering.

The concept of strategy leading implementation is not new, but our use case driven approach is what brings real value to our clients. Organizations are bombarded with various options for better utilizing their data to understand their business and reach the right audiences. MarTech stack and solution providers alone have an array of options which makes it difficult for customers to know what product best suits their needs. This is where the Solution Architect Group comes in. We help our client evaluate solutions already owned or being considered through the lens of their business, driven by use cases relevant to their organization.

The Solution Architecture Group helps with:

  • Multi-solution Integration Design
  • Data Platform Strategy and Design
  • CDP readiness assessment
  • RFP creation and vendor vetting
  • Cloud provider assessment and migration planning

Our Solution Architecture Group is led by two outstanding leaders at Softcrylic, Jerry Helou and Natts Sivaramakrishnan. Together they bring decades of experience approaching problems from both a strategic business and technical implementation perspective. They work in tandem to help bridge the gap of technology to solve business challenges. Softcrylic has partnerships with a variety of Cloud and MarTech providers but remains technology agnostic. Through our partnerships, we provide our clients with deep knowledge of a multitude of solutions and understand how they fit into the client organization while maintaining independence on the specific technology. Again, let the business use cases define the technology solution.

Quote from Jerry and Natts.

Jerry Helou, our VP of Martech Strategies comments on the new Solution Architecture Group: "Natts and I have been doing this organically for few years now, but we finally decided to make it official. Our clients want a strategy to build a vision that is future-proof and can be translated into reality with the right platform, people and processes. You can't fluff your way through this. I believe that the Solution Architecture Group brings the good and bad of both worlds and give our clients the information they need to take the right next step to build the best-in-class Marketing Platform."

Our other half of the Solution Architecture Group, Natts Sivaramakrishnan our VP of Architecture's statement: "The core responsibility of the Solution Architecture Group is to help our clients understand and foresee how their technology investments into marketing platforms can impact their business and help yield high ROI. With our collective experience, Jerry and I understand that it is important for Softcrylic to help our clients to truly "become digital" rather than just 'doing digital' and this involves taking a deep look at their existing setup and analyzing the impact of the proposed solution using people, process and technology framework."

Reach out to our consultants now, to see how our Solution Architecture Group can deliver value for your company. Contact Us Here.

About Softcrylic:
Softcrylic is a data consulting firm. We bring a unique combination of strategy and engineering to the ever-increasing complex problem of data. We tackle data challenges at the level of data capture and validation through data modeling and activation. We Make Data Work by helping organizations further benefit and understand their data through our engineering expertise on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

Source: Softcrylic

By Jordan Mathews