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Snappy Kraken, a MarTech company focused on helping financial professionals automate their marketing and business processes, has announced an enterprise relationship with Sawtooth Solutions, an investment platform that provides both RIAs and IARs with comprehensive Unified Managed Account (UMA) solutions. The Sawtooth program includes 100% payouts for IARs, zero transaction fees at the custodian(s) and autopilot marketing.


Here's how this particular program will work: The first 100 advisors who transition at least $10mm AUM to Sawtooth by March 31, 2020 will receive automated marketing support from Snappy Kraken with no upfront costs. Snappy Kraken will work with these advisors to help them automate five key aspects of their business including:

  1. Lead Attraction
  2. Prospect Nurturing
  3. Client Engagement
  4. Referral Generation
  5. Workflow Automation

Advisors who join this program agree to pay Sawtooth a small "marketing success fee" from revenue generated on any new assets added to the platform as a result of Snappy Kraken's marketing efforts.

"This is a no-brainer for forward-thinking advisors," said Sawtooth CEO Brad Pries, a 29-year industry veteran. "Our alliance with Snappy Kraken will be a huge opportunity for our advisors. It also enables Sawtooth to further enhance our technology platform, adding automated marketing to our trading, billing, and reporting solutions."

Interested advisors should visit BetterRIA.com for more details.


This campaign with Sawtooth is one of the first initiatives of Snappy Kraken's new enterprise solution. By offering both full white-label and hybrid-label partnerships, Snappy Kraken empowers enterprises with a range of benefits, including:

  • Total marketing automation
  • Differentiation
  • Recruiting advantage
  • Enhanced sales capabilities
  • Increased advisor retention
  • Enterprise-level reporting
  • Fresh monthly campaigns
  • Turn-key launch support

"Advisors need affordable and effective marketing help to increase client engagement and productivity," said Robert Sofia, CEO of Snappy Kraken. "In order to compete, enterprises know that they must provide robust solutions or risk losing their advisors to competitors. Most enterprises are forced to make massive capital and resource investments into in-house development, hiring and training, and providing platform maintenance and management. Partnering with Snappy Kraken gives these organizations a competitive edge, enabling them to offer their advisors a fully integrated, customized platform with all the benefits of an in-house solution, but for a fraction of the cost."

Financial enterprises interested in their own marketing automation platform should visit SnappyKraken.com/Enterprise for more information.


Snappy Kraken provides marketing automation, online advertising, and bold, unique marketing for financial advisors. Each automated campaign on the Snappy Kraken platform is focused on achieving specific and trackable goals that grow business. Snappy Kraken's members are granted exclusive rights to their own territory to ensure they never end up using the same marketing as their competition. All Snappy Kraken subscribers are assigned to a personal Success Specialist who helps them set up, manage, and optimize their use of the platform through monthly performance check-ins.

Snappy Kraken has been announcing and will continue to reveal a number of strategic partnerships and formal agreements with nationally known financial institutions that focus on meeting the needs of like-minded groups of financial advisors, insurance agents and registered representatives.

Snappy Kraken recently was awarded the 2019 WealthManagement.com Industry Award in Social Media Leadership, Technology Providers, the only awards program of its kind to honor outstanding achievements by companies and organizations that support financial advisor success. It was also the 2018 winner in this same category. In addition, Snappy Kraken was recently was named "Best Overall Content Marketing Company in 2019" by the MarTech Breakthrough Awards Program.

In August 2019, Snappy Kraken announced an additional round of funding after its successful pitch to the ScratchWorks FinTech accelerator founders during a live event at the invite-only Barron's Top Independent Advisors Summit in 2018. ScratchWorks was founded by a group of top wealth management and investment firms to help discover and grow ideas in the FinTech space; it is sponsored by Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions, the University of Colorado (CU) Leeds School of Business, and Barron's. In a prior competition in 2016, Snappy Kraken took first place in the FinTech Startup Competition hosted by the XY Planning Network.

In November 2019, Snappy Kraken will reveal its three-year Vivid Vision to stakeholders and employees who will be gathering for a multi-day company retreat and strategic planning session being billed by Snappy Kraken CEO Robert Sofia as "a new model for small-to-medium sized businesses."

Snappy Kraken is led by industry veteran and advisor marketing leader Robert Sofia. Learn more about Snappy Kraken at: www.SnappyKraken.com.


Sawtooth Solutions is a flexible, comprehensive UMA (Unified Managed Accounts) platform built to fit the unique needs of every advisory firm. With platform assets in excess of $13 Billion, the firm is dedicated to providing high-level investment solutions and an all-inclusive technology platform to enable advisor's success. Sawtooth began as a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) and has lived firsthand through the same experiences facing advisory firms, the company was built to help advisors navigate the wealth management landscape and build successful, scalable practices. Sawtooth has strong partnerships across multiple custodians, investment managers and industry-leading technology providers, and has continually grown its offering to meet the ever-changing and individual needs of modern advisors.

Sawtooth Solutions is a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC

Source: Snappy Kraken

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