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Shirofune, the leading digital advertising automation management platform backed by a human intelligence-first approach, today announced its integration with Shopify, a provider of essential internet infrastructure for commerce, to predict the Lifetime Value (LTV) of online customers and provide advertisers with even greater optimization of their ad campaigns.

With this announcement, Shirofune will be attending eTail East 2023 from August 21-24 at The Sheraton in Boston. Shirofune Founder and CEO Mitsunaga Kikuchi will be hosting keynote presentations on "Unlocking Advertising Success: Leveraging Shopify's LTV Data for Effective Campaigns" on August 22nd and 23rd.

"We are excited to augment our capabilities through this new integration with Shopify," said Shirofune Founder and CEO Mitsunaga Kikuchi. "In this increasingly competitive environment, advertisers who can make better decisions based on the LTV of customers can secure the most value for their clients by allocating ad budgets where they will have the most profitable long-term results."

With advertisers, more robust long-term profits are preferable to smaller immediate gains, but until now it's been too complex and difficult to link all the data to view the big picture. Shopify can identify whether customers are new or existing, defining their LTV by previous purchases, and can also track if customers come in organically and when they make return purchases. Shirofune analyzes and comprehends both ad performance data and CRM data from Shopify, allowing it to calculate the lifetime return on advertising spend (ROAS) across channels, ads and campaigns.

Shirofune gives advertisers a powerful new tool that automatically allocates and fine-tunes ad budgets in light of LTV, while making predictions based on historical data, helping advertisers see the long-term picture and invest in better performing ads as determined by lifetime ROAS instead of the traditional one-time ROAS. As an omnichannel ad management tool, Shirofune maximizes performance across all platforms such as Google, Microsoft, TikTok, Meta and X (formerly known as Twitter). Its new integration with Shopify, and its unique algorithms, automatically connect all the data to provide better insights while saving time and money.

Shirofune was recently named the Best PPC Optimization Platform by the 2023 MarTech Breakthrough Awards. The company launched in North America this February after becoming the #1 digital automated advertising management tool in Japan, where it has captured a 91% market share and is used by leading advertisers and agencies including Rakuten and Dentsu, saving them more than 50% of work hours.

To demo the platform and learn more about how Shirofune can help maximize your ROAS, eTail guests are invited to visit Shirofune at booth #514.

About Shirofune
Founded in 2014, Shirofune is an automated advertising management tool that maximizes the efficiency and productivity of major digital advertising platforms. The Shirofune platform is designed to maximize advertising effectiveness by automating day-to-day digital ad campaigns using a single, easy-to-use interface for management, budgeting, monitoring and analytics. Over 10,000 accounts have been automated using Shirofune, including 300,000 active ad campaigns. Shirofune also has been selected as the only Yahoo! Ads API-certified partner tool in Japan

Source: Shirofune

By Jordan Mathews