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In a strategic move designed to bolster its leadership team and amplify its offerings, Shift Paradigm announced the appointment of Arturo Mendiola as its Chief Growth Officer.

With over two decades of rich experience at the intersection of digital marketing, technology, and customer experience, Mendiola stands at the forefront of driving innovative digital experiences that resonate deeply with consumers. Mendiola has expertise in creating global CX strategy and customer engagement across a myriad of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing and consumer goods, ensuring a connected customer experience journey.

"Arturo's breadth of knowledge, especially in Digital CX Strategy, MarTech Consulting, and Client Partnership, aligns perfectly with our mission at Shift Paradigm. His deep understanding of technologies only accentuates our belief that he's the right person to help us navigate the future," said Liz Ross, CEO, Shift Paradigm.

Shift Paradigm has carved a niche for itself by championing advanced personalization, data fluidity, and aligning people, processes, and technology for growth. The firm combines a unique mixture of technical prowess, versatile expertise and committed partnership to help companies achieve their marketing goals and improve their bottom line.

Mendiola's addition to the Shift Paradigm team is more than just a testament to their commitment to excellence. It's an embodiment of their dedication to supporting clients with the best in personalization and digital transformation.

"I couldn't be more excited to join the Shift Paradigm team," says Mendiola. "The company is building a unique and differentiated offering to the market, with a focus on accelerating growth for our clients. What really intrigued me is how Shift leverages technology and data to help brands see a true reflection of their business, both strengths and weaknesses, and use insights to find solutions to remove the obstacles that stand in their way of success. I'm looking forward to unifying our internal teams and taking our client experience and service offerings to new heights, so that our clients can continue to build meaningful and extraordinary relationships with their customers and their employees."

About Shift Paradigm

Shift Paradigm is a dynamic marketing firm dedicated to supporting our clients with advanced personalization and digital transformation through data fluidity and alignment of people, processes and technology around growth. 

Source: Shift Paradigm

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