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Scaleflex premiers its DAM app on the Akeneo App Store at NRF's Retail Big Show in New York City. 

Scaleflex, the media acceleration company powering hundreds of mid-market online brands, announces the release of its first-ever Digital Asset Management (DAM) application in a Product Information Management (PIM) App Store. Scaleflex chose Akeneo, a well-known Global leading solution provider in Product Experience Management (PXM) to start their PIM/DAM journey.

This partnership is born from a simple observation: mid-market online brands often struggle in their daily routine as they have too many MarTech tools to master. The multiplication of tools started as a great opportunity for e-commerce managers, Product owners, and Content managers, but rapidly became a nightmare to assemble and get team members up-to-speed. User adoption is typically the main reason for failure when implementing a new MarTech solution.

Akeneo and Scaleflex, both members of the MACH Alliance, share the same vision of a modern, composable commerce: achieving a seamless implementation and onboarding of internal users on a PIM/DAM software. This is why both companies adapted their solutions and collaborated on an out-of-the-box integration.

Using this unique DAM/PIM combination, B2B and B2C e-commerce companies using Akeneo Community or Enterprise editions will benefit from modern and modular technologies to accelerate their time-to-market and deliver the right product content to the right place in an engaging digital experience platform. 

"E-commerce brands must continuously adapt and improve their visual content strategy to succeed in increasing audiences across countries, devices, platforms, and marketplaces," said Emil Novakov, Scaleflex's co-founder and CEO. "Our DAM-for-PIM app supports online retailers to deliver seamless and consistent product experiences on any device."

With its MACH-based DAM, Scaleflex empowers e-commerce brands to deliver seamless workflows and optimized visuals from a single source of truth. The new DAM-for-PIM application eradicates inefficiencies, allowing brands to utilize their visual assets cost-effectively, reliably and at scale.

"With a constantly evolving omnichannel landscape, it's essential for brands and retailers to utilize the power of composable commerce to manage and activate their product information across all channels," said Tobias Schlotter, Akeneo VP of Channel. "We're excited to expand our App Store with the addition of Scaleflex's DAM-for-PIM app to further enable customers to seamlessly create compelling and consistent product experiences."

Source: Scaleflex; Akeneo

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