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Satisfi Labs, an AI-powered Conversational Experience Platform for destinations and experiences, has acquired Factoreal, an omnichannel marketing automation platform focused on simplifying the martech experience across sports and entertainment. The strategic acquisition accelerates Satisfi Labs' vision of building a comprehensive Conversational Experience Platform, bringing together inbound and outbound messaging capabilities. Combining the power of these two platforms sets the stage for the future of customer engagement, driven by conversational AI technology.

Satisfi Labs is advancing AI-powered chat experiences with intuitive interactions for businesses and consumers. Factoreal's API-first integration network with brands like Shopify, SeatGeek, and Ticketmaster, enhances Satisfi Labs' partner ecosystem. This amplifies conversational capabilities and supports Satisfi's strategy to build a robust partner network.

The unifying of the platforms introduces a new way of managing customer-to-brand engagement through chat experiences, which Satisfi Labs calls Conversational Journey Management.

Initial capabilities to launch:

  • Intent-based journeys to personalize omnichannel communication campaigns
  • AI agents capable of multi-channel outbound actions triggered by user behavior
  • New integration builder for partners to connect to an AI agent journey manager

"We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Factoreal to bring a more interactive AI experience to our client base," said Donny White, Co-founder & CEO of Satisfi Labs. "This move aligns with our mission to 'make AI hireable' and deploy AI agents that go beyond answering questions or transacting in chat. Conversational journey management enables proactive and reactive marketing campaigns triggered by real-time intent data, boosting engagement opportunities."

"Factoreal and Satisfi Labs coming together ushers in a new era of omnichannel journey orchestration powered by the exploding nature of conversational AI capabilities," said Aditya Dhruva, Co-founder & CEO of Factoreal. "Imagine a world where conversational AI is with you on the right channel, at the right time with the right message - making it pervasive, efficient, seamless, and global is our vision."

Over the next year, Factoreal will be integrated into the Satisfi Labs platform. Factoreal works with brands like the United Soccer League, Gwinnett Stripers, Chattanooga FC, Las Vegas Aviators, Mumbai City FC, Fanxp, Warrington Wolves, and many more.

About Satisfi Labs
Satisfi Labs is an AI-powered Conversational Experience Platform that creates expert AI agents that interact with your customers by answering questions and performing transactions, all while collecting unique data. AI agents are built with contextual understanding and industry knowledge, enabling two-way conversations between the brand and fan on web, app, and messaging apps. Satisfi Labs has secured major investments from Google, Major League Baseball, TechStars, Florida Funders, and Collective Capital Ventures. More information can be found at www.satisfilabs.com.

About Factoreal
Factoreal is an omnichannel fan engagement platform for Sports & Entertainment, to help marketers drive class-leading engagement and improve monetization. Factoreal aims to make customer journey automation simple, efficient, and affordable. 

Source: Satisfi Labs

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