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RoseRyan, a ZRG company that provides on-demand finance & accounting and marketing leadership and consulting services to a multitude of companies in Silicon Valley and beyond, unveiled its new Marketing Solutions Group today, as an additional way to help high-growth and maturing companies achieve their growth goals and address skills gaps.

Since 1993, RoseRyan's consultants, who are experts in finance & accounting and marketing with experience and expertise in high-growth companies, have seamlessly integrated with organizations for one-time projects or an ongoing purpose. The RoseRyan Marketing Solutions Group will follow this same proven framework, meeting a pressing need as companies explore how they can bring in targeted levels of marketing expertise at the right time while scaling the business. 

"Whether you need a fractional or interim CMO or an entire marketing team, RoseRyan marketing consultants will become a part of your organization—to devise your marketing strategy, help your business build brand awareness, launch impactful campaigns and accelerate growth," said Fred Ehle, Vice President of Marketing Solutions at RoseRyan.

New Marketing Solutions Address Leadership and Project Marketing Challenges

RoseRyan can be a guiding force in a company's marketing efforts or provide active, interim leadership, or both. "We quickly get to know companies and become a part of their operations for however long they need us," Ehle said. "Because of their experience and innate adaptability, our marketing consultants require no ramp-up time and immediately focus on the marketing goals of the company, whether we are helping to develop those goals or meet them head on."

RoseRyan's Marketing Solutions include interim professionals with a range of expertise in public relations, omnichannel campaign development and management, brand management, product marketing, and more. RoseRyan also brings its extensive ecosystem of partners to companies as consultants develop or lead a company's marketing function, and manage business-critical marketing projects, including sales assessments, agency procurement, e-commerce consulting, product positioning, performance marketing and martech system selections.

"As a consulting firm that guides companies through the entire business lifecycle, we are always looking for how we can help companies in all areas, and we are incredibly excited by this new capability, to be able to fulfill companies' entire marketing needs as they evolve," said RoseRyan Founder and Chair Kathy Ryan. Companies with maturing marketing organizations ready for full-time, permanent leadership will benefit from RoseRyan's tight partnership with global talent advisory firm ZRG.

About RoseRyan, a ZRG Company

RoseRyan is a ZRG company offering on-demand leadership and consulting services in the finance & accounting and marketing disciplines. More than 1,500 clients—from venture-backed startups and private equity portfolio companies to Fortune 500 companies across a range of sectors, including tech and life sciences, e-commerce, mobile, social media and more—have relied on RoseRyan's expert advice since 1993. The professional services company provides outsourced, customized, and full-stack solutions and scalable support at every stage of a company's lifecycle through broad solution areas that focus on emerging growth, interim finance, corporate governance, strategic projects, and marketing. 

Source: RoseRyan

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