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Account-based marketing platform RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, today unveiled the open beta of RollWorks Keyword Intent. The company's proprietary intent offering helps marketing and sales teams track intent signals that make sense for their business, find more accounts showing those relevant readiness signals, prioritize accounts, and personalize messaging based on the content they are engaging with throughout the buying journey. When RollWorks Keyword Intent is layered with intent from partners Bombora and G2, RollWorks has the industry's most sophisticated intent data approach. 

"Keyword Intent is a groundbreaking new solution that raises the bar for intent data," said Mike Stocker, SVP of Partnerships, RollWorks. "RollWorks' unique approach is not and either/or but all — by offering our own keyword intent data, combined with best-in-class Bombora Intent and G2 buyer intent, we are providing multiple, corroborating sources of intent that give organizations the best possible results to allow them to be more certain that an account is actually in market. We're the only solution with this level of sophistication." 

RollWorks Keyword Intent: A Multi-Layered Intent Data Approach

With finite resources, marketers and sales teams can't target all of their accounts at once. As a result, they may miss out on in-market accounts or get the granularity they need, such as which messaging will resonate with their target audience to drive strong engagement. Running high-performing, efficient campaigns is key to their success. When layered on top of Bombora and G2 intent in the RollWorks platform, Keyword Intent gives B2B organizations greater confidence and certainty that the accounts they reach out to are actually in market. It helps them tap into unknown audiences that are ready to buy, and they no longer have to cast a wide net and sift through unqualified leads.

Features and benefits of Keyword Intent: 

  • Find accounts that are showing intent on terms that you weren't able to track before (e.g. very specific product names or competitor names)
  • Get keyword recommendations to understand what you should be tracking based on your existing site content
  • Achieve a better understanding of what accounts are researching
  • Gain greater confidence that accounts are really showing intent through the layering of multiple intent data sources with different methodologies
  • Unlock more ways to utilize keyword intent data

"You lose 100% of the in-market accounts you don't act upon," said Jodi Cerretani, VP of Revenue Marketing at RollWorks. "With a high level of granularity and flexibility in keyword selection, Keyword Intent gives marketing and sales teams more meaningful and precise intent signals to enable better account identification and prioritization of accounts. This allows organizations to quickly fill gaps in their current go-to-market strategy while growing and protecting their current business."

The opportunity for intent data in 2023 is promising — In a recent RollWorks survey of 1,000 marketers, nearly 1 in 5 (18%) rely on intent data as a core tool in their martech stackRollWorks customers who use intent data say:

  • "We are getting more informed, personalized conversations with prospects thanks to the magic of intent topics - an incredibly impactful feature."
  • "We're reaching more accounts in our ICP than ever before. Also, it's giving us intent data so we're able to help our new business team focus on more qualified accounts. In our past, our target account lists weren't as strategic as they are now and that's thanks to the data we are receiving from Rollworks. I think it's helping our marketing and sales teams align much more than we ever had in the past and it keeps us focused based on data rather than assumptions."
  • "I also love the intent data that as an SMB organization was too expensive to get separately. It's great to have it here within RollWorks."

Visit RollWorks to learn more about how Keyword Intent can give you greater confidence that the accounts you reach out to are really in market.

About RollWorks

RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, offers ambitious B2B companies an account-based platform to align their marketing and sales teams and confidently grow revenue. Powered by proprietary data and machine learning, RollWorks' solutions address the needs of organizations large and small — from those with best-in-class ABM programs to those just beginning their exploration. By empowering teams to identify their target accounts and key buyers, reach those accounts across multiple channels, and measure program effectiveness in their system-of-record, RollWorks is an indispensable platform for marketers and sellers who believe that an account-based approach is just good business.

Source: RollWorks

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