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  • Reducing Marketing Costs Through Automation
  • Issues Related to Current Award Season
  • Travel & Transportation
  • American Film Industry
  • Psychotherapy for Men
  • New Medicaid Block Grant


  • Tech Podcast Host/Producer – Wall Street Journal (CA)
  • Content Analyst – Dow Jones (NJ)


  • 7 Parenting News Sites New and Expecting Parents Should Know About
  • Blog Profiles: Botanic Garden Blogs



Reducing Marketing Costs Through Automation
Glenn Coward
President & CEO
"CMOs who have grown accustomed to generous budgets face new challenges in the new decade. Following a long span of year-over-year increases, designated dollars for marketing initiatives are down. This comes at a time of dire need for more, not fewer, resources, as marketing executives are tasked with advancing digital technology innovation, or MarTech, within their organizations. They know they must lead digital transformation and boost efficiency, but they lack a plan and the talent to make it happen. This frustration of feeling between a rock and a hard place impacts relationships with CEOs and CFOs, creates stress among poorly skilled, overworked and disengaged team members, while leading to reckless technology investments that no one can rally around. To right the ship, savvy CMOs are adopting marketing operations capabilities and prioritizing stakeholder alignment ─ specifically with Finance, Legal and Compliance, and Sales ─ as key components of their 2020."
Glenn Coward is an expert in digital transformation within the industries of financial services, technology, insurance, entertainment, retail and health care.
Website: www.capabilitysource.com
Contact: Michele McMurry[email protected]  

Issues Related to Current Award Season
Kathy Feeley
University of Redlands  
"With this year's awards season operating in the shadow of two blockbuster trials—the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault case and President Trump's impeachment—what have the politics of the nominations, the winners, and the shows looked like so far? Things have been relatively tame compared to 2016's break-through #OscarsSoWhite campaign and 2018's creation of #TIMESUP and black garb and activists on the red carpet. This year's nominations and (particularly) winners thus far are a fairly nondiverse, unsurprising lot. Likewise the acceptance speeches—while oftentimes charming and witty—have largely played it safe with any political references carefully vague. Two notable exceptions have been Michelle Williams' fiery call to protect women's reproductive rights at the Golden Globes and Robert DeNiro's unabashed roll call of liberal values and priorities and the affirmation his right—indeed his duty—to use his platform to protest the blatant abuse of power."
Dr. Kathy Feeley can speak to the issues related to the current award season, how #MeToo is being put aside and what this all means looking forward to the Oscars.
Website: www.redlands.edu   
Contact: Jennifer Dobbs[email protected]  

Travel & Transportation
Devin Liddell
Principal Futurist
"Forget the fantasy of a 'seamless holistic journey', instead, let's innovate at the seams, to stitch together experiences that are effortless and relevant."
Liddell can speak on travel and transportation topics such as: designing for trust in the age of autonomy; smart cities in the context of new mobility including public/private partnerships and policy leadership; intermodality (involving two or more different modes of transportation) and designing effortless handoffs between modalities; new modalities (i.e. Hyperloop, L5 auto) disrupting established players and lagging industries e.g. aviation; multi-functional and last mile transportation solutions; reconciling tensions between personalization, accessibility, and privacy; how technologies like AI and VR will change and/or improve the travel experience; transportation systems and networks; rehabilitation, reuse, or optimization of existing infrastructure in a mobility and urban design context; the reinvention of the airport and connected systems.
Recent Bylines in Fast Company Magazine: --The Next Big Thing in Transportation: The 'Un-Car' --The Future of A.I. in Airports --Why the Airport is the Future Hub of Robot Cars --7 Trends That Will Change How We Travel in 2019 --Asimov's 3 Laws of Robotics Updated for the Drone Age --Stealing Da Vinci's Ideas for Planning Smart Cities --How Ageing Will Change in the Age of Autonomy --How Taxibots Will Create an Urban Infrastructure That Adapts to People's Needs.
Website: https://teague.com  
Contact: Sarah Matheny[email protected]    

American Film Industry
Weiko Lin
Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Visual Media Arts and filmmaker
Emerson College
"More than ever before, studios are realizing that diverse casts and stories are just as profitable – if not more so – than the traditional Western narratives that dominated Hollywood for decades."
Lin can speak about the American film industry, film awards (Oscars) and the rise of international movies and storylines in Hollywood.
2019 CRAZY SCREENWRITING SECRETS: How to Capture a Global Audience Ryan Murphy Half Initiative Directing Program - Shadow Director on 9-1-1 LONE STAR Produced and wrote original story for 100 Days won the Audience Award at 2014 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and was an official selection at the prestigious 2014 Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival in China.
Website: www.emerson.edu
Contact: Michelle Gaseau[email protected]   

Psychotherapy for Men
Frederic Rabinowitz
Professor, Psychology
University of Redlands
"It is healthy to cry. Men have been socialized to keep their emotions to themselves. Crying has been portrayed as weakness for many men. 'Big boys don't cry' we tell our young boys. In reality, it is relieving to be able to cry in response to loss and pain. It is better to shed tears than to try to hold them back."
Dr. Rabinowitz is an expert on psychotherapy with men, and can speak to the struggle men have processing grief, as we are currently witnessing after this week's tragic helicopter crash that killed 9 people.
Book: Crossing the No Cry Zone: Psychotherapy With Men
Website: www.redlands.edu
Contact: Jennifer Dobbs[email protected]

New Medicaid Block Grant
Rachel Patterson
Senior Director, Government Relations & Advocacy
Epilepsy Foundation
The New Medicaid Block Grant provides states with sweeping authority to cut enrollment and benefits, such as the prescription drug benefit allowing states to cover fewer anti-seizure medications. While the plan carries forward protections for people with HIV/AIDS and mental health conditions from Medicare, it does not include similar protections that Medicare has for people with epilepsy.
"Delaying access to the anti-seizure medications that work for a particular person puts him/her at risk for breakthrough seizures and related complications including injury, disability, loss of mobility or employment, and even death."
Rachel Patterson is a Medicaid and disability expert. She is an advocate for access to health care and civil rights of people with epilepsy and other disabilities.
Website: www.epilepsy.com
Contact: Jackie Aker[email protected]


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