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With the emergence of physical to digital marketing technology, brands are zeroing in on tools that drive measurable engagement. Martech startup Tapple's latest software release leverages "phygital" engagement to collect first-party data through mobile gamification, giving brands the ability to analyze their real world performance and seamlessly remarket to consumers.

BOSTONNov. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Experiential marketing made a splashy comeback in 2022. Every major brand from Nike to Pepsi to Nintendo is devoting increasingly large sums of money to the creation of immersive experiences outside the web.

And while 80% of marketers agree that real world activations are critical for new customer acquisition, most industry veterans acknowledge that calculating the return on investment for these up close and personal interactions remains fuzzy at best.


With the looming loss of third-party cookies, brands across the globe face increased pressure to translate in-person engagement into actionable data sets.

The need to collect and take action on real-world marketing data points has opened the door for Boston startup, Tapple.

Tapple's QR-driven platform facilitates a high impact value exchange between brands and consumers in the physical world.

Through the Tapple platform, marketers can quickly build interactive mobile content like scavenger hunts, quizzes, and shareable social posts, all instantly accessible through QR codes or geolocation.

The platform's "chameleon-like" design capabilities give marketers the flexibility to white label experiences front to back, and even allow the look and feel to change throughout the consumer experience.

Unlike most mobile platforms, Tapple does not require an app download - removing a common friction point between brands and consumers.

One of Tapple's key features is the ability to create intelligent content that updates in real- time based on responses from consumers.

Customizable content like quizzes and contests optimize in real-time to deliver contextually relevant messaging and rewards, while allowing brands to easily segment and remarket to their audience.

This allows each consumer to experience a personalized mobile journey based on current interests, game scores, or simply their mood.

Optimizations like this are a big part of the reason why brands regularly see conversion rates above 50%.

It's a simple yet powerful approach where everyone wins.

"This type of event analysis is how experiential marketing moves from being a nice to have to a NEED to have. Not only can we provide our clients with previously unattainable performance metrics, we're enhancing the consumer experience and creating deep, multi-layer impressions with attendees using Tapple," said Martin Rubio, Tapple user and Partner at Efex Marketing.

Content created on Tapple's platform can also be shared directly with consumer networks via email and SMS, allowing individuals to flexibly share relevant information wherever their sphere of influence exists.

Tapple generates a 360-degree profile of each consumer, showing the precise location where they engaged, the actions they took through Tapple, and any first-party data they've provided.

Through this real-time data point analysis, an individual consumer engagement score is then applied to each profile, helping brands quickly identify their most engaged audience members.

With data privacy weighing heavily on the minds of consumers and brands alike, Tapple's mobile experiences are a step ahead of privacy regulations, eliminating the use of cookies and pixels to track consumer activity.

Marketers can easily view statistics right from Tapple's dashboard, including:

  • Conversion rates
  • Consumer engagement rankings
  • Top performing mobile experiences
  • A/B Testing Performance
  • Campaign performance insights

"Our unique data payload incorporates geographic details, direct inputs from the consumer, and the brand's existing data set. The power of here-and-now engagement analysis can't compare to out-of-context, third-party data points." notes Dean Hantzis, Tapple CTO and Co-Founder.

Business insights are also produced through the Tapple platform to help bring awareness to regional trends or new product feedback quickly.

Like so many industries forced to find new ways to create value, experiential marketers can now use live event data gathered through Tapple to have a profound impact on the long-term health of their brand.

About Tapple, Inc.

Tapple is an interactive platform for experiential marketing. Customizable content like quizzes and contests optimize in real-time to deliver contextually relevant messaging and rewards, while allowing brands to easily segment and remarket to their audience. Tapple's proprietary engagement scoring and analysis make reporting on the impact of events powerful and easy. Built with flexibility, the Tapple platform can be used anywhere brands meet consumers in the physical world. 

Source: Tapple

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