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Mitgo Group's CEO, Alexander Bachmann, has announced a strategic leadership transition after 14 years of dedicated service. This significant shift introduces Artem Ozerkov, who previously served as Vice President of Partnership Services department, as the Co-CEO. This move was designed to fortify the company's long-term objectives on MarTech and AdTech markets.

This change enables the CEO to shift focus towards critical areas such as Product, IT, Legal, Finance, Corporate Venture, Research & Development (MitgoX), and Strategic Development. Artem, in turn, will focus on existing business units, strategic partnerships, marketing, sales, analytics, organizational development, and administration.

Artem held various key positions within the company starting from 2015. Notably, he played a crucial role in initiating an Adizes course in Austria, an experience that played a fundamental role in shaping Mitgo Group's understanding of vision, mission, values, and organizational structure. This strategic move paved the way for the evolution of Mitgo Group from a mono-business entity to an international group of companies.

Alexander Bachmann expressed unwavering trust in Artem's capabilities and leadership: "Over the years, Artem has worked in various positions in the company, and I've always admired him (and still do) as someone who constantly reads and learns new things. Over the last 5 years we have gone through a transformation from a mono-business to an international group of companies. Artem has been with the company throughout this journey. I know he shares my vision, and I trust him as a leader. This allows me to focus on the future of Mitgo Group."

As Co-CEO, Artem Ozerkov will be able to use his fifteen years of experience in the advertising and ecommerce industries to the fullest. His additional qualifications as a Professional Coach according to the standards of the International Coaching Federation and a business mentor, will contribute to the nurturing of new leaders within Mitgo Group and support the entrepreneurial spirit of the group of companies.

"We have extensive plans ahead of us. In the coming years, I plan to introduce a new management model, update operational processes to incentivize revenue for businesses, launch a number of new products, and implement a revamped sales process. These actions will bring positive changes not only for Mitgo Group itself, but also for hundreds of thousands of our clients and partners around the world," states Artem.

The company's portfolio currently includes affiliate network Admitad, mobile performance network Mobmio, game performance network Mitgame, cookie-free and privacy-focused native advertising platform Takeads, cloud-based affiliate and referral marketing software Tapfiliate, influencer marketing platform ConvertSocial, native cashback service CheckRewards and many others.

As Mitgo Group moves forward with this innovative leadership structure, the collaboration between the CEO and Co-CEO sets the stage for a new chapter in the company's journey and paves the way for the launch of new businesses.

Source: Mitgo Group

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