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Metadata.io (https://www.metadata.io/), the AI-powered marketing operations platform, has emerged as a high performer in the G2 Winter 2020 Grid® Report for Account-Based Execution.

Additionally, of all the account-based execution contenders, Metadata secured the highest "results" score in G2's Winter 2020 Results Index for Account-Based Execution. The score is sourced from actual customer feedback and includes: estimated ROI, meets requirements, user adoption and likelihood to recommend. Metadata was an ROI standout with an average positive ROI within seven months -- a payback period that is twice as fast as the overall average timeline among account-based execution contenders.

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"We value our customer relationships and are honored to take the leading spot for Return on Investment for winter 2020 based on their feedback," said Gil Allouche, CEO of Metadata. "Not only do our customers achieve more ROI faster than the competition, but they trust our AI-powered technology to continually improve and optimize ABM campaigns. Metadata's presence in MarTech is poised for unprecedented growth in 2020, and we look forward to helping a growing set of customers meet and exceed their ROI metrics while connecting and optimizing their tech stacks."

Metadata's autonomous software is a dream-come-true for marketing teams as it sets the marketing technology stack on autopilot by connecting existing tools and putting them to work. With Metadata, B2B marketers can take the guesswork out of digital marketing campaigns by getting the right content in front of the right people and building a predictable flow of MQLs and pipeline. Customers like Zendesk, Splunk, Nutanix, and G2 have experienced as much as a 40X pipeline boost in as little as 90 days with Metadata. Metadata's rapidly growing customer base continues to praise the technology for helping achieve B2B marketing results beyond the scale and scope they previously thought possible. See the most recent reviews on G2: https://www.g2.com/products/metadata-io/reviews

"ROI is a top-line metric when it comes to understanding and evaluating marketing investments," said Kara Kennedy, Market Director at G2. "Aside from ROI, Metadata scored well above average on all of the ABE Results Index marks in Winter 2020, which is an indicator that the product is working well for its users."  

Learn more about how Metadata.io ROI stacks up to companies like Terminus, Demandbase and RollWorks: https://www.metadata.io/roi

About Metadata
Metadata is the AI-powered marketing operations platform for predictable B2B lead generation. Its patented AI engine acts as a "super-brain," smartly augmenting digital marketing campaigns by running operations at a scale not humanly possible. Metadata automatically identifies target prospects, runs multivariate tests and operational tasks, and optimizes campaigns in real-time to provide ROI. With customers like G2, Nutanix, Nexmo, Zendesk, Zoom and Splunk, Metadata has risen to the top by delivering actual demand backed by MQLs and predictable pipeline. For more information about Metadata, visit www.metadata.io.

Source: Metadata.io

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