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Frameplay, the award-winning, global intrinsic in-game advertising leader, has appointed two new chief officers to its executive team as it prepares for continued strategic growth: Sandy Shanman as Chief Operating Officer and Vishal Arora as Chief Technology Officer. The hiring of these two martech veterans signals the industry's commitment to gaming as an advertising channel, as more brands and marketers experience the value of in-game advertising and gaming strategies become a new standard in omnichannel campaigns.

For over 20 years, Shanman has led emerging revenues at the crossroads of media and technology, from early stage to exit. Most recently, he scaled and diversified revenue at Skai (FKA Kenshoo), ushering in the era of retail media. Shanman was previously CRO at Samba TV, one of the inaugural companies to drive media dollars into the CTV sector, and went on to lead revenue and operations at ChefsFeed (acquired by Tastemade), one of the first influencer media platforms.

"I've witnessed transformation across the digital media landscape for over two decades, and I am convinced that intrinsic in-game advertising is poised to be the next tectonic shift–on the order of magnitude of CTV," said Shanman. "Microsoft, Netflix, and numerous streaming services are expanding aggressively in the sector. The most viewable and highest performing placements within games are intrinsic, and Frameplay's technology and measurement capabilities enable brands to capitalize on this engaging medium at scale."

As CTO, Arora brings over 20 years of experience managing ground breaking technology teams to Frameplay. Arora joins Frameplay from Google, where he led the Ad Platform Services Engineering team through a transformation that involved a rewrite of their ads billing systems, which process the majority of Google's revenue. Before that, Arora helped launch and scale the current Google Ads UI, and, as CTO at RxSense, helped build and bring a new enterprise platform to market.

"Gaming is a mass-reach medium and Frameplay's ad serving technology supports high-quality, viewable intrinsic ad placements across multiple devices in milliseconds, without infringing on game performance," said Arora. "The technology fueling intrinsic in-game advertising is innovative, seamless, and effective. Frameplay is reframing how the advertising industry leverages gaming as part of their brand spend. I look forward to being a part of the Frameplay team as we continue to raise the bar for in-game advertising."

With a growing global player count of over three billion, in-game advertising has gained significant momentum among brands and game studios in the last five years. As a result, multiple major holding companies have established gaming branches, and brands have developed dedicated gaming strategies with increased spending in the channel.

"Having veterans in the martech and adtech worlds join Frameplay speaks volumes to the industry's commitment to in-game advertising and that major players in the industry understand the opportunities it presents for brands," said Jonathon Troughton, CEO of Frameplay. "In-game advertising, and the entire gaming industry, has been growing and evolving rapidly. Sandy and Vishal's combined leadership will be instrumental to our future, and will help us continue to set the standard for intrinsic in-game advertising."

These executive hires are not only a milestone for Frameplay, but also the in-game advertising industry. The demand for in-game advertising continues to grow as the technology fuels more innovation and opportunities for brands, developers, and players.

To learn more about Frameplay's intrinsic in-game advertising solutions visit www.frameplay.com

About Frameplay
Frameplay is an award-winning marketing technology provider headquartered in San Francisco, California with worldwide offices supporting the advertising and video game industries. Frameplay enables brands, agencies, and platforms to place advertising intrinsically within highly-attentive video game environments without disrupting game quality or player experience. The result is proven, high-impact opportunities for advertisers, revenue for developers, and an enjoyable, uninterrupted experience for people who play games.

Source: Frameplay Corp.

By Jordan Mathews