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Brandfolder, the world's most powerfully intuitive digital asset management (DAM) platform, today announced over 100 percent year over year growth in annual recurring revenue (ARR). This impressive growth comes as the company closes out a record year including major product innovations like the launch of Brand Intelligence, hundreds of new integrations including HubSpot and Sketch, and a client roster that now boasts three of the top five largest retailers in the US.

"Creative assets and content are the currency that brands use to communicate with their customers. While businesses have scaled the creation of these crucial assets, the tools and processes to manage, distribute, and analyze them haven't kept up," said James Winter, VP of Marketing, Brandfolder. "Creative and marketing leaders have realized they can no longer rely on outdated tools like cloud storage and servers to ensure the right assets are being used, at the right time, by the right people. With the explosion of content happening across segments and companies of all sizes, every business needs a DAM."

Brandfolder's rapid growth falls in line with the increasing adoption of a "best-of-breed" approach by martech teams when selecting technologies, with Gartner recently reporting a preference of 57% to build their stack through various solutions from different providers. Like any martech tool, the key to a high-performing DAM solution lies in usability -- brands need to be able to easily deploy their DAM solution at scale and ensure that any end-user will be able to quickly and effectively locate and use what they need. Brandfolder's solution does this with beautifully simple user design on the front-end, coupled with powerful functionality such as industry-leading intelligence that goes well beyond basic tagging on the back-end, categorizing and tagging content automatically. Brandfolder's position as a leader in the DAM space is supported in G2 Crowd's Fall 2019 reports, where the company ranked first across eight categories, including usability for enterprise and mid-market companies.

For more information about Brandfolder's industry-leading DAM platform, visit brandfolder.com/product

About Brandfolder
Brandfolder is the world's most powerfully intuitive digital asset management (DAM) platform that enables marketers and creatives to centrally store, organize, create, manage, distribute, and analyze brand creative. Moreover, Brandfolder's proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, Brand Intelligence, empowers global brand leaders with critical data and actionable insights, better informing their creative strategy and development. Brandfolder currently provides brand executives actionable insights and distribution capabilities at global enterprises, including Papa John's, Weber Grills, Lyft, JetBlue, Manpower Group, Slack, TripAdvisor and more.

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