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Future focused-organizations are harnessing decoupled, composable, microservices, API-first technologies to increase speed to market, reduce costs and move away from monolithic platforms, enterprise software and vendor lock-ins.

According to the minds behind DCPL, the decoupled accelerator, (pronounced decouple) a revolution among businesses of all sizes is definitely underway. Today's developers are ditching legacy tools and techniques and in favor of best-of-breed components easily available via the cloud and APIs. This switch has led to explosive growth with composable infrastructure, a $4 billion market, projected to exceed $23 billion by 2030.1

A partner to leading composability platform providers, DCPL's mission is helping businesses successfully transition to decoupled, quickly and confidently, no matter where they are on the composability maturity curve.

According to CEO, Al Collins, "there's no handbook – yet – for how to go decoupled. There's just a chaotic software ecosystem with seemingly infinite options and precious little reliable guidance. This is what's stopping many companies from going composable."

DCPL's customer-first, product-agnostic approach helps businesses select cloud-based service providers, platforms and tools and set themselves up for success. DCPL offers three programs, each of which can be tailored to the needs of the client company.

  • BootCamp is an introduction to decoupled concepts.
  • JumpStart is for digital product teams setting up their decoupled MarTech stack.
  • RunMode is for organizations sufficiently advanced to be developing in a decoupled environment.

"Tech leaders know what decoupled is. They know they need to be doing it, but they're not sure how to get there," says Dan Anderson, managing director of technology. "Working with DCPL gives them a level of assurance that not only will their team acquire the necessary technical skills, but they'll also understand related issues like governance and process. We offer all of that, on an accelerated timetable."

Collins adds, "in today's market, speed is the crux of the story. Decoupled gets you to market faster. And DCPL gets you to decoupled faster."

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About DCPL

DCPL – the composability accelerator – offers customizable programs to help businesses successfully make the challenging transition to decoupled development. DCPL is a valued partner to leading composability platform providers.

Source: DCPL

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