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The 11th Annual Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit Canada 2021 will be held virtually June 15-16. As a sponsor and speaker, CapabilitySource will share a client case study on how to determine customer experience needs and select the right MarTech to support an aggressive growth strategy.

An understanding of key personas and customer experiences is foundational to developing new customer relationships and deepening current ones. DMFS Summit attendees will learn how one CapabilitySource client developed their growth strategy and determined the technical capabilities needed to support them. Event attendees will gain insight into how staffing approaches, lean organizational structures and integrated digital technologies can help them reach their aggressive experience and growth goals.

"We want to address the challenges marketing executives face today when determining how to pursue growth through digital touchpoints. We want to help them navigate the maze of complex and overlapping marketing technology and determine what they actually need to get the job done. We want to help them achieve aggressive growth goals with a balanced approach that leverages people, process, technology and information," CEO and President Glenn Coward said.

The DMFS Summit provides the opportunity to hear from digital financial services experts, like Coward, with hundreds of successful digital transformations under their belts. Learn as they share their experiences and successes in moving from legacy businesses to digital businesses. Find out how digital technology is reshaping financial service business models. Discover how innovative and agile approaches, like those at CapabilitySource, are driving early-stage results and accelerating implementation timelines, to get to the growth faster.  

"We do many things well, but our best is digital marketing transformations in financial services, that is our sweet spot. Our financial service clients have benefited firsthand from efficiency and growth wins powered by innovative processes and digital technology. With so many great technologies and lower cost due to cloud and low-code approaches, the biggest challenge clients face is picking the right technologies and integrating them," Coward said.

The DMFS Summit and CapabilitySource's session will help marketing leaders map their path forward to digital marketing success.

To learn more about the Digital Marketing for Financial Services Canada Summit 2021, click the link below: https://www.financialdigitalmarketing.com/about/

About CapabilitySource: CapabilitySource is a digital business transformation consultancy that provides MarTech strategy, implementation, integration and support services with a specialization in marketing work management. We work with marketers in Fortune 1000 companies to protect their marketing budget and align marketing strategies with overall corporate objectives. Our team delivers solutions to large enterprises, realizing up to $1 million in annual cost savings while increasing marketing capacity by up to 30%.

Source: CapabilitySource

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