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Allant Group LLC, a data-driven journey orchestration solution provider, and a VntCap Technologies LLC company, is pleased to announce it has entered into a strategic partnership agreement in North America with 3radical, an audience engagement and earned data platform.

The agreement outlines the complimentary offering of Allant's account management, strategic services, and data insight, and 3radical's digital audience engagement experiences and consented data capture mechanics. This offering brings best-in-class journey development, mapping, and management under one roof, reinforcing Allant's focus and commitment as a leader in customer journey orchestration solutions.

"We are really pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Allant Group, as we share the same passion of helping organizations improve their return on marketing spend, especially in a challenging market economy," said Rebecca Trivella, Commercial Director, 3radical. "3radical's ability to capture audience attention and earn zero party data directly from consumers is a critical component of how, together, we are committed to delivering first-class solutions and services in North America."

To support and accelerate the success of the partnership, Allant has welcomed the following 3radical solution experts to their team:

  • Katie McConnell, SVP, Professional Services
  • Steve Quast, VP, Analytics
  • Linda Vetter, SVP, Marketing
  • Josh Weiner, VP, Sales

"3radical's audience engagement platform elevates Allant's current deployment and utilization of analytics, data, and technology by giving clients access to an extensive range of complementary services and skills further increasing the business value of a customer journey engagement solution," said Michael D. Fisher Ed.D., President and CEO, Allant Group. "This teams proven ability to deliver will bolster Allant's market share and help form broader and deeper relationships, maximizing the success of our clients."

About 3radical

3radical is a consumer data acquisition and audience engagement solutions provider. They help organizations listen to their consumers and adapt experiences accordingly by giving them the ability to earn consented data directly from their audience. Critically, this fosters humanized interactions through choice-driven journeys provided by 3radical's gamification software. They use game science and comprehensive strategic services to shape and support the customer experience by creating a fair value exchange delivered directly to each recipient and optimized by data and real-time decisioning. Every progressive exchange results in consented, Earned Data provided by the consumer in a transparent, motivating, and mutually beneficial environment enticing consumers to want to share and engage more.

About Allant Group

Allant Group supports mid-market and emerging brands through holistic offerings for customer engagement and journey orchestration needs. Delivering faster third-party data integration, improved analytical insights, crisp data visualizations and cutting edge MarTech implementation, Allant's expertise drives effective marketing orchestration via personalized communications to acquire, retain, and enhance our clients' market penetration. Allant is a privately held company headquartered in the Chicago area. For more information, visit https://www.allantgroup.com/.

About VntCap Technologies, LLC

VntCap Technologies, LLC provides its subsidiary companies with a unique blend of viewpoints and experiences that deliver comprehensive guidance and oversight to its leadership teams. Unlike other investment firms that seek quicker financial returns from their investments, VntCap actively operates the companies within its investment portfolio for longer periods of time to achieve maximum valuation. Founded by a group of entrepreneurs from a cross-section of industries, the varied background of its members is what continues to create value in subsidiary companies such as Allant Group. 

Source: Allant Group

By Jordan Mathews