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In 2018, digital marketing trends move fast. Rapid changes in technology and online marketing techniques provide many avenues for the modern marketer to explore.

In this article, we’ll cover the top five digital marketing trends your company should be using.

The Top Five Marketing Trends For 2018

In recent years, online marketing has been dominated by Big Data and content marketing. While they are still juggernauts, they are now rivalled by artificial intelligence and marketing automation.

Here are five ways to implement these tools into your digital marketing strategy.

1. Enhance the Customer Experience through Personalization

Imagine this:

You’re shopping for a new suit. You walk into a store and the shop assistant greets you with a smile, then asks some questions about your preferences. She shows you options that you might like, and helps you match patterns, suggesting different shirt and tie combinations.

Everything is tailored to your interests.

It works the same way online.

People want brands to care about them. They want to feel like a company knows them, their interests and their problems.

In fact, 74% of consumers say they get frustrated with a website when they feel the content isn’t personalized.

Which brings us to the next of our digital marketing trends…

2. Use Machine Learning for Marketing Automation

Ecommerce stores can use AI technology to segment their site visitors, and then show them targeted content catered to specific interests and on-site behaviors.

Amazon attributes 35% of its annual revenue to personalized product recommendations.

Machine learning is also powerful in email marketing, making marketing automation much easier in 2018.

5 Best Marketing Trends to Pursue in 2018 01

3. Harness the Potential of Video

Social media has lit the blue touch paper under video marketing in the last few years.

Now, over 500 million people watch video content every day.

And that’s only on Facebook.

This is a goldmine for modern marketers, as video content gets more likes and more shares than any other form of content.

4. Adopt a Customer-Centric Approach to Content Marketing

It’s important to know your audience and understand their problems. Only then can you deliver the solutions.

76% of B2B companies say blogging is an important part of their content marketing strategy.

When you know that, your company can create valuable content that is mapped to various touchpoints in the buyer’s journey. Ultimately, this leads to a great marketing ROI.

5. Implement Marketing Technology

MarTech is not just a buzzword.

Scott Brinker’s popular overview of the marketing technology landscape has grown to more than 5000 organizations in 2018.

Whether you want to analyze, segment or automate something, there’s almost certainly a MarTech tool for it now.

The companies who embrace new digital marketing techniques will continue to grow and innovate, ensuring they remain competitive in any industry.

Follow the Trends to Digital Transformation

Forbes believe that 84% of companies will fail at digital transformation.

A big reason for that is that many companies are slow or reluctant to adopt new technologies or follow digital marketing trends.

By refusing to change, your company risks being left in the dust.

The end result of all these innovative changes is a successful digital transformation.

And that should be the main goal for any company today.

By CJ Haughey

CJ Haughey is the managing editor of MarTech Gazette. A creative copywriter and self-confessed digital marketing nerd, this shaggy-haired Irishman is currently shaking the last of the travel bug off in his adopted home of Colombia. In his spare time he tries to avoid being sick at kickboxing training.