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Eighty-six percent of those who make or influence hiring decisions say it's challenging to fill open roles, while 90% of employees claim more perks related to upskilling would encourage them to stay with their current employer, according to new report from 24 Seven, one of the nation's largest privately held marketing, creative and tech recruiting firms. These are just some of the findings featured in 24 Seven's new AI, Upskilling, and Staff Augmentation report, which uncovers specific hiring, staffing and training challenges companies face as AI advancements and other machine learning tools gain traction.

24 Seven surveyed more than 2,100 professionals across the US, Canada and the UK in the Marketing, Creative, Technology, Beauty, Fashion, and Retail sectors and identified these key findings:

  • 84% of respondents say their organization is using AI-powered tools, while at the same time, more than half (55%) believe employees in their organization only have basic, very limited or no understanding of AI
  • 70% of employees expect an increase in hiring for AI-specific roles in their organizations in the next two years
  • 61% of respondents say their organization has hired external consultants or freelancers with specialized AI skills
  • 59% of respondents believe that bringing in freelancers or consultants with specialized tech skills will help bridge the AI knowledge gap within companies

"The insights from 24 Seven's latest report underscore the need for employers to embrace a flexible, multipronged approach to stay competitive amidst accelerated tech advancement and widespread AI integration," said Anthony Donnarumma, CEO of 24 Seven. "Leaders must recognize the importance of enhancing the skills of their current employees while also leveraging highly adept external talent. Now is a crucial time for organizations to zero in on the AI competencies essential for their success, and to strategize effectively on whether to develop these skills internally, recruit new talent, or seek specialized expertise to augment their teams and accelerate momentum."

The full report is available for download here.

About 24 Seven
24 Seven partners with companies to get digital marketing, creative, and digital work done by providing the right talent, innovation, and insights. We drive meaningful impact by helping navigate change in today's evolving environment. Our robust suite of service offerings enables us to identify customized talent solutions for any situation. The 24 Seven family of brands includes these subsidiaries:

  • The Sage Group provides exceptional marketing and business operations consultants, contractors, and permanent talent that drive results for leading companies across industries.
  • SketchDeck is a next-generation creative agency that empowers organizations to seamlessly scale their marketing efforts by accessing all the design services they need in one place.
  • Simplicity Consulting helps brands run their marketing and operations programs with highly specialized consultants in digital marketing, strategic communications and project management.
  • The Cydio Group is a specialized IT staffing firm that provides innovative, first-hand knowledge of the information technology space. With over two decades of direct industry experience, the team is uniquely positioned to connect top-tier IT professionals with notable organizations.
  • Marketers That Matter® is a thriving community of influential marketing executives coming together to share innovation and insights.
  • McKinley Marketing Partners is an award-winning, female-founded staffing firm that delivers top-tier marketing, marketing technology (MarTech), and creative talent. With a market-savvy approach and fine-tuned expertise, they cultivate personalized connections that fuel ongoing growth and success across your entire organization.

Source: 24 Seven LLC

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