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Clark is an experienced operator/investor, who comes to Hawke Ventures with a deep background in the martech and adtech verticals. He is a 4x entrepreneur and angel investor with 100+ private company investments, including 20+ prominent exits such as Trade Desk ($35B market cap), Scopely (acquired by Savvy Games Group, $4.9B), EdgeCast Networks (acquired by Verizon, $390M) and Adconion (acquired by SingTel, $235M). Other significant investments include AngelList, Crexi, 15Five, Tebra, and more. Clark was named 2019 Angel Investor of the Year (TechFire) and "Top 50 Angel Investor for Female and Diverse Founders" (BetaBoom).

Clark will be investing out of Hawke Ventures Fund 2, an early-stage venture fund with check sizes ranging from $50k - $2M in MarTech, AdTech, and E-Commerce Tech companies. The fund focuses on growing pre-seed or seed-stage companies that have gained quantifiable traction in their market. Hawke Ventures co-invests alongside prominent angel and venture capital lead investors. General partners of Hawke Ventures include the founders of Hawke Media, Erik Huberman & Tony DelmercadoDrew Leahy, and now Clark Landry.

"I'm thrilled to be joining Hawke Ventures," said Landry. "The team has an impressive track record of selecting winners in their target sectors, and of providing their portfolio companies with assistance and support through its close relationship with Hawke Media. I'm excited to continue to build on the success that Hawke Ventures has had to date."

The DNA of Hawke Ventures has always been about being highly operationally proficient when working with founders and their teams. One of the biggest reasons the Hawke team is excited Clark is joining the firm is that he is an operator turned investor who fully understands the founder's journey, from start to finish. From balance sheets to fundraising, go-to-market, and product, Clark can truly assist Hawke Ventures' founders and investments in becoming the best they can be.

Hawke Ventures has the strategic ability to attract and develop world-class entrepreneurs in commerce enablement and marketing technology. Between Hawke Media's client base (400+ monthly brands) & growth marketing expertise (200+ employees), the fund can effectively select and accelerate technology companies in the Hawke Ventures portfolio.

Source: Hawke Ventures

By Jordan Mathews